Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peanut Butter

Hello again, I wanted to expand on my post yesterday about peanut butter. My humon and I were told some very interesting news about peanut butter that I think is important for all furry lovers. When giving peanut butter to any kind of animal it is important that it is not organic or natural. The reason for this is because it is possible for other nuts to get mixed into the peanuts. ANIMALS CAN ONLY DIGEST PEANUTS AND ALMONDS. All other nuts contain small amounts arsenic, which humons are able to process but animals cannot. For example, my humon took a look at the organic peanut butter that we have and although it states "Ingredients: Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts and Salt," it also adds in "Made in a facility that also processes products made with almonds, cashews, pecans, wheat, soy and egg." Therefore, when serving peanut butter to your furry friend, choose the regular Jiff or Skippy

Hope this helped! Woof!!


  1. Hmm, interesting! Do you have a reference for this? I know macadamia nuts are considered poisonous to dogs. Sojo's dehydrated dog food contains pecans...

  2. Again, sorry for taking so long to respond. The lady I spoke with didn't give any of the evidence but did say that she put forth extensive research.

    I just did a little research on it and it said that dogs are allergic to macadamia nuts and walnuts. It said that these are definitely toxic and other nut are cautioned against.

    I'm an in no way an expert but my guess would be that if Sojo has been on his current food for some time that he should be in the clear unless he is demonstrating signs of being allergic (backward sneezing, itching, losing hair). If you are concerned, a simple allergy test can take place or you can pick up some form of concentrated pecans (pecan oil or pecan (not sure if this exists)) and just rub a little on Sojo's inner thigh, after 15 minutes if the skin doesn't look irritated then he doesn't have an allergy to it or it's just not severe. (Skin allergy testing is different then blood allergy testing).

    Hope this helps!!