Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beauty Sleep

Sometimes I jus want (not need) my beauty sleep *huff* but the humon keeps me awake wif her frivolous activities. What's a guy to do!!

Difficult Ice

I found thiz piece of ice lying around but I can't get my paws on the darn thing!! So stressful for me

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peanut Butter

Hello again, I wanted to expand on my post yesterday about peanut butter. My humon and I were told some very interesting news about peanut butter that I think is important for all furry lovers. When giving peanut butter to any kind of animal it is important that it is not organic or natural. The reason for this is because it is possible for other nuts to get mixed into the peanuts. ANIMALS CAN ONLY DIGEST PEANUTS AND ALMONDS. All other nuts contain small amounts arsenic, which humons are able to process but animals cannot. For example, my humon took a look at the organic peanut butter that we have and although it states "Ingredients: Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts and Salt," it also adds in "Made in a facility that also processes products made with almonds, cashews, pecans, wheat, soy and egg." Therefore, when serving peanut butter to your furry friend, choose the regular Jiff or Skippy

Hope this helped! Woof!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Hi World,

My humon (typist) and I are reaching out to you for advice. It is going on three weeks since I was adopted and yet I hate to be left alone. The humon first thought it was because I was being crate-trained but turns out that I love being in there. I willingly sleep in the crate every night but whenever the humon leaves me in the crate for a few hours or in the house for five minutes I flip out and start whining up a storm.

We spoke with a very well-educated humon at Petco who recommended that I have Separation Anxiety, which most likely stems from abuse or neglect in my past. Because of this, I just don't like to be left alone because I think I'm being left forever. Thankfully, this is curable but it will most likely take a while to cure....possibly even dog years (months).

The knowledgable humon said that my humon shouldn't make a big deal of her leaving. I should not be smothered before I am parted with because it will encourage my subsequent behavior. In addition, I should be given a toy and food while the humon is gone, such as a kong with peanut butter (but not organic or natural and it can be frozen), yogurt that has been frozen, carrots, or treats. This will keep me occupied while the humon is leaving and hopefully calm my nerves for my time alone. (I should note too that because Shibas have such active minds that the only recommended items for them to be left alone with are a Kong or Kyjen Fire Hose (made from the same material as a fire hose) dog toys). 

I am reaching out to you world to see if you have any additional advice. This seems to be both an issue that cannot be fixed overnight nor requires attention to be solved.

Am I Hidden?

I'm such a silly little boy. I like to play games all the time even if it's only by myself. I'm really such a character but my character changes every few minutes so keep an eye out!

Friday, August 12, 2011

One week done!

Hi world! Today marks my one week shibaversary being rescued and coming to my new home. The first couple of days, I begun to get my sea legs az the humon took me everywhereeeee but now I've settled in quite nicely. The humon haz been very good to me feeding me turkey, dog jerky and cranberry/salmon/sweet potato treats. I haven't had to use my Shiba Mind Control too much. I'm an active little boy but also a very good one. I'm so good that the humon leaves the door open for me at night...then I wake her up in the morning...silly humon. I've even begun playing a new game wit her called fetch. It's where I toss the ball off the balcony and the humon retrieves it. I'm genius!

Az for the bad news, I visited the vet and got coned because I waz licking my incision too much *huff* but I've gotten adjusted to it and used it for good: throwing balls for myself, knocking the humon over, shading my face and so much more!

I haz include sum pictures of my past week. Please enjoy my cuteness!

Another walk in Old Town! Cheese!

Mug shot!

Hangin by the pool

Visiting the vet...before I got coned

Another walk except I waz done walking. Let me rest humon!!

Me practicing my Firefox pose
This weekend my humon family iz coming and I'm so excited. I haz instructed my typist to keep the world updated wit my activities as I am bound to be a buzy boy. 

Toodles! Woof!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long day for Hachi

It waz a sad day yesterday. All in one day, I waz left by the humon to be by myself fur hourz and then when they returned, it waz only to take me to the vet. I waz a good boy, did everything right but then I had to give blood and I got the cone put on me.

From being told that I needed Xanax to being laughed at by kids, I waz not happy. But after hours of locking myself in the bathroom (because I couldn't fit in my crate correctly), I waz happier.

I even got to meet sum new people and show them my lion!

It waz a long day but I survived....I just have to be carried up and down stairs.

Feel my pain...woof

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Wake up
Take a walk
Run errands
Nap...my stressful dayz

Tired Boy!

O boy! My homan haz me going everywhere!! Can't a guy get a break! Huff! But the good news world, I'm loved everywhere! People compliment how friendly I am and what a good boy I am...iz there any other Hachi?


I'm home world!

Finally my time has come! I'm home with my humon living my new life. I am a rescue dog from California. I already have so many furry friends and family (only some of them are furry). I must applaud my humon, who needs very wittle Hachi training.

I'll keep you all updated about my journeys!