Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent Adventures

Hello world,

I have been quite busy and the human haz too that's why there hasnt been any recent posts.

To begin, a couple weeks back San Diego had a scary power outage. The power waz out fur about 8 hours where I live. The humon kept me occupied with a bully stick so I was happy and had no idea that the whole city had lost power!

My kitchen during the power romantic!
Next, my humon made me special treats (pumpkin and peanut butter) then I shared them with my neighbors pals and my other fellow Shiba, Toyko!!
Then on September 11th, on my way into a group meeting (group mascot is my role), I stopped to pay my respect at a 9/11 memorial at University of San Diego. The flags represent each country affected and small tiles on the ground contain the names of each victim and their hometown/country. It is a very special place. I would recommend this memorial to anyone.

9/11 Memorial at USD

Finally, I was able to meet the long awaited Tokyo, a fellow Shiba, who is quite famous on the Shiba media networks. Here are some pictures of me playing with her and some other furry friends!

Shiba, Hachi, Tokyo

Another Shiba and Hachi, Tokyo looking at the camera

Shiba Power!

Tokyo and I
The beautiful Tokyo
She's so purrrrty!
Mini Shiba!
 Ooooo that waz fun!!

Since then I've been keeping it easy and real. Taking long walks, napping, catching butterflies and sun tanning fills most of my time.

Today though I went to the dog park again and this time, because of my size, I was able to play in the small dog (0-25 lb) and big dog (25+ lb) area. It was very exciting and then when we were leaving we saw the white Shiba shown above, but by then we had already left :(. Once home the humon stripped me of my shedding fur and then bathed me. I miss the fur and am not happy about the bath. I'm like a cat, even wet grass turns me off but...I am about to have another "busy" week and then this weekend I have a little surprise up my sleeves....more to come soon!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm three years old!

Hello again world!!

I haven't made a new post in some time. Stupid humon haz been too busy to record my every experience. September 1 marked my third birfday. Since I waz rescued and my real day of birth iz unknown, one of my very friendly twiba friends recommended that since my name means 8 or the infinity sign that September 1 or 9 - 1 = 8!!

My birfday waz separated into a few dayz. On Wednesday I got a new shipment of toyz, cheez, stuffed animals and a sparkly harness! On Thursday, I got so many birfday wishes from all my twiba friends on Twitter. On Friday, I got treated to a nice long walk wif the humon and excessive amounts of cheez. Finally today, I waz made a big lunch of kibble wif tuna and steamed green beans and carrots. I got so full!! I looked so bloated! Embarrassing! But thankfully then I was taken to the Del Mar Dog Beach to stretch my legs, lose some calories, and meet some new friends. Here are some pictures of my adventures:

 So many pictures, it waz like the puparrazzi was following me! Huff!!

I got so wet and sandy. I kept running away from the waves but the humon thought my attempt to avoid water was funny. Silly humon!

Now I'm home and I can barely keep my eyes open to tell my typist what to write.....goodnight world....zzzzzzzz